Diploma in Islamic Theology

The Diploma in Islamic theology is designed to cater for beginners as there is no requirement for prerequisite courses to enrol. We take you on a step by step journey from the basic fundamentals of Islam to a more in-depth world of Islamic wonder. Although our Diploma is designed for people with no knowledge about Islam, it will benefit people of all levels of understanding. However, should you find any course too basic you may apply for accreditation and move on to the next level. (Accreditation requires a past mark -55%- for every examination) eHawza recommends that you take the Semesters in sequence to obtain maximum benefit as the Diploma is designed in such a way that each level is built upon the previous one. In every Semester you’ll have a course on ethics and mysticism. We recommend that you do this course whilst you are doing the rest of the courses of that Semester to maintain your spirituality throughout the Semester.


Diploma and the Traditional Hawza :
Diploma in Islamic Theology should be considered a prerequisite for those who are interested to officially study in the Islamic Seminaries in Qom or Najaf. What you would learn in the traditional Hawza over the period of ten to twelve years the Diploma provides its concise version in three years! For example, when you enter the Hawza in Qom you will normally need at least one school year to learn Farsi. Then, for at least two years Arabic before you can officially begin the actual Hawza texts. You will then spend one year to learn ‘Logic’ and at the very least two years to learn about ‘Principles of Jurisprudence ‘ as well as ‘Fiqh’ in studying books such as ‘Osoolul-Fiqh’ written by the Late al-Modhaffar and ‘al-Rodhatul-Bahiyyah’ of the Late Shaheed al-Thani. So, without our Diploma you may have studied three or four years in the traditional Hawza and still you do not know what for example the procedure of ‘Estes-hab’ is, let alone other subjects such as Philosophy and Mysticism that you may never get a chance to learn in the traditional Hawza unless after more than ten years of intensive study. Therefore, eHawza is a must for beginners in traditional Hawza studies. Besides, eHawza provides a wide range of concise courses in the stories of ancient Prophets and their applications to our modern world including but not limited to an in-depth study of the story of Prophet Jesus, Prophet Lut and the Sodomise and an analytical course on the controversial aspects of the life of the holy Prophet of Islam. It also provides a very mind challenging course on ‘Philosophy of Religion’ and most spiritually uplifting courses on Practical Mysticism, courses that are not easily found even in current traditional Hawza studies.

Duration :
The duration of the Diploma depends on the individuals’ dedication. However, if you can dedicate only 8 hours a week you will be able to enroll for ‘part time’ package and achieve your Diploma in 36 months.

Online Study :
eHawza is now available only online. Once you have passed your enrollment procedure you will be provided with a personal Student Number, User Name and Password to log in to your course and attend the classes. Most of the Diploma courses are available on audio format with either text abstracts or power points. However, when a video presentation would enhance the learning process we have presented our lessons in a video format. Therefore, classes such as washing a deceased person, congregational prayers, how to pray, as well as main Arabic Grammar courses are visually presented.

Community Service :
One of the outstanding values of eHawza is its promotion of community service and pastoral care. Graduates of eHawza will be expected to serve their communities as teachers at Islamic schools or assistant scholar and therefore, along with their theoretical education we expect them to develop their skills of management and community service. To achieve this goal, eHawza has introduced ‘community service’ as a compulsory subject for all its semesters. ‘Community Service’ can involve any aspect of Educational, Social and Welfare community services.

Diploma Achievements :
Diploma in Islamic Theology is available for two different goals:
1) Without examinations and certification for those who simply wish to enhance their own Islamic knowledge.
2) With examinations and certification by which they will be qualified to teach Islamic studies within Islamic and public schools. It will also enable the graduates to further their study by applying for eHawza Bachelor degree. Ehawza strongly recommends the "with exam and certificate" package.

Prices :
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Semesters :
Diploma Consists of 4 Semesters. Click here for the full list of the Diploma.