Welcome to eHawza Islamic School of Theology


eHawza is an electronic Hawza program (Islamic Seminary) in the English language. eHawza utilises modern technology to deliver Islamic Studies all around the world.

Islamic Studies in your own home

eHawza has revolutionised how students can access and further themselves in Islamic Studies. Traditionally, a student wishing to pursue higher Islamic study would have to travel to somewhere in the Middle East and join an Islamic Seminary. In this age of technology, eHawza delivers a content-rich Hawza study with the touch of a button at your fingertips. As long as you have internet connection eHawza is with you. Expand your horizons in Islamic Studies in the comfort zone of your choice at your own pace. eHawza programs currently consist of three levels of education:

  • Crash Courses
  • Diploma
  • BA (Hons)

eHawza was founded and launched by Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei in Sydney in 2001. Sheikh Mansour Leghaei is the author and presenter of all eHawza academic lectures and material in the English language. To read more about Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei click here

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