Diploma Price and Term of Payments

eHawza Diploma has updated its pricing to reflect the two new ways that students can study as of 2014. Previously all students could study by purchasing a hard drive, however, now we have enabled all new students to study online using our new online platform and made available the option to purchase Semester by Semester online or pay in full at the time of application.

1 Full with certification A $2,300.00 A $650.00
2 Full without certification A $1,800.00 A $500.00

Payment Terms :

  • 1. Required payments should be made to enable the activation of online access.
  • 2. Local students making payments through instalments are required to pay a minimum of AU$100.00 per month within the scheduled payment period.
  • 3. Failure or delay of payment will deactivate your access until funds are updated.
  • 4. Postage and Handling Fees including Bank Fees and Charges are not included in the cost of the course and are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • 5. If the Pay Per Semester Online option is selected, each student must complete each semester with or without certification within 9 months.
  • 6. Students should complete the entire diploma course within 36 months of access being granted.
  • 7. Should a student not complete a semester or the diploma within the permitted time period, they will lose access to the online eHawza platform. To re-activate, extra charges may apply.
  • 8. Each student login permits access to that particular applicant only and must not be shared with others.
  • 9. Resitting an exam due to failure will incur an administration fee of AU$50.00
  • 10. Course fees do not include textbooks and postage.
  • 11. By using the eHawza online platform, you accept all eHawza terms and conditions and accept to respect the Islamic laws and not share your details with other people. Should eHawza terms and conditions be violated, you may be denied access and your account cancelled with no refund.
  • 12. Should you decide to discontinue your eHawza studies within 14 days of accessing the portal, you will be entitled to a full refund excluding an AU$120 administration fee. If you have exceeded 14 days of access to a semester, refunds will not be available.
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