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eHawza (15)

My Internet is very slow in my area and I was wondering if eHawza is available on Hard Drive?
Can we download the lectures and notes?
The lectures are copyrighted materials. However, the lecture notes are downloadable for eHawza students only.
Is eHawza accredited or affiliated with any university?
How do the exams work?
Can I take a break during my studies?
Taking a break within your allowed time frame is permitted. If you require a break that exceeds your limited time frame you should discuss it with our Admin.
When I finish my studies, what am I entitled to be? Sheikh, Islamic teacher etc.
Do I need to complete the eHawza diploma to begin the Bachelor?
Can I change from full time to part time study or vice versa?
Is the Bachelor up and running?
What If I start the first semester & change my mind and do not wish to continue my studies any further, can I change my mind?
How many hours per week am I looking at to complete the Diploma course in 36 months?
If I have previously done certain Islamic studies, can I get an exemption?
Will I receive any textbooks?
Do I need to have a good knowledge of Arabic to pursue this course?