Introduction to Islamic Studies

  • Code: 03SCB
  • 10 Sessions

This crash course is a brief introduction to all Islamic sciences with the main focus on the Holy Qur’an and the Traditions of the Pure Household (P).

Roots of Shi’a-Sunni Differences

  • Code: 05SCB
  • 12 Sessions

This course takes you to the origins and roots of differences between different denominations in Islam. Also, some of the main theological Shi’a beliefs such as ‘divine leadership, ‘the myth of Shi’a Qur’an’, ‘Tawassul’ and ‘Taqiyyah’ are discussed.

Formal Logic

  • Code: 06SCB
  • 8 Sessions

This is a very mind opening course. Formal Logic teaches you the method of correct thinking and reasoning. By the completion of this course learners will be able to distinguish between sound and fallacious arguments. They will also learn the materials of syllogism and the art of argument.

Transcendental Philosophy

  • Code: 07SCB
  • 12 Sessions

This crash course is an introduction to the most advanced Islamic philosophy known as Transcendental Philosophy (al-Hikmatul-Mota’aliya). Issues such as ontology, epistemology, cause and effect, and ontological proofs on the existence and the unity of God are some of its highlights.

Religious Pluralism

  • Code: 18SCB
  • 6 Sessions

In the world of unprecedented interaction of people of various cultures and creeds religious pluralism seems a kind of compromise to please all. It is assumed that peace and harmony are only achievable under the umbrella of ‘religious pluralism’ in which no one will be criticized, condemned or considered to be damned because of what they choose to believe or not to believe. You all have a share of truth and you will be all embracing salvation irrespectively.
In this course, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has examined Qur’anic references as well as Prophetic traditions relevant to ‘religious pluralism’. An ending highlight; he also presents an Islamic solution for a peaceful coexistence without falling into the fallacy of religious pluralism.