eHawza and the Imam Husain Islamic Centre (Sydney, Australia) are glad to announce a major networking and open evening event for the Ehawza program - all community members are welcome.
The event will be broadcast live on Zoom for interstate and international participants.
This is only the 2nd event of its kind for Ehawza.
If you plan to attend, please Register Now for logistical & catering purposes.

Who is this event designed for?

  • All current eHawza students
  • Prospective students
  • All individuals with a general interest in the eHawza program

4 Reasons to attend this event :

1) Network with current and former Ehawza (Diploma and Bachelors) students
2) Meet and/or get to better know eHawza's instructor and lecturer, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei
3) Ask your questions to Sheikh Mansour and the friendly Ehawza admin team
4) Join the growing and unique Ehawza student community

Events Timeline

Timings Events
06:30 Attendees gather in hall
06:45 Quran recitation
06:55 eHawza Report
07:00 SML talk
07:15 Short talk by Dr. Ali on his eHawza journey / future outlook
07:25 Diploma graduates brief talk
07:30 Networking time in hall
08:30 End event